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Marketo Partners With Slack, Adds Integration For Real-Time Lead Notifications

Source: Marketo Source: Marketo

Marketo has partnered with the team collaboration tool Slack, which positions mutual customers to easily communicate between marketing and sales teams to engage prospects in a timely manner.

The partnership includes an integration between both solutions designed to provide sales and marketing teams real-time notifications about leads within Marketo. It can also send issues and system alerts that may impact ongoing campaigns to system administrators through dedicated Slack channels.

“Buyers expect businesses to respond to them in the moment,” said T.K. Kader, Group VP of Strategy for Corporate Development and Global Alliances at Marketo, in a statement. “Today’s enterprises are searching for solutions that will give them the competitive edge and allow them to engage with customers instantly. Marketo and Slack have joined forces to create a joint solution that provides real-time notifications about customer engagement to build the pipeline and ultimately drive revenue.”