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NetLine Releases Audience Explorer To Provide B2B Content Consumption Data

Source: NetLine Source: NetLine

NetLine, a B2B content syndication and lead generation network, launched a new, free tool called Audience Explorer, which is designed to help marketers search and analyze buyer consumption and engagement behavior in real time.

Users start by indicating their target buyers’ job area and can add additional filters like company size, job function and level, industry and region to more precisely pinpoint their target audience. The tool is then positioned to generate insights and interactive charts that showcase content consumption patterns.

Audience Explorer aims to provide marketers with a customized application of buyer engagement data. The tool’s Trending Topics and Buyer Research Stream are designed to deliver specific, real-time insights on content consumption and engagement, so marketers can better assemble personas, improve personalization and accelerate the buyer’s journey.

“Audience Explorer was developed in direct response to our customers asking for deeper insights into what’s really happening across the B2B web in a transparent fashion,” said David Fortino, NetLine’s SVP of Audience and Product, in a statement. “Much of what is available to today’s B2B marketers tends to be black box and subscription oriented. Being that we’re at the epicenter of content-first B2B research patterns and buyer engagement, we felt it was our responsibility to democratize access to these insights on a real-time basis.”