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Optimizely Acquires Zaius To Improve Digital Experience Creation

Optimizely, a digital experience platform (DXP) formerly known as Episerver, acquired customer data platform Zaius to provide customer visibility that helps organizations improve their digital experiences.

The acquisition will help Optimizely users leverage customer data via pre-built integrations, which informs their decision-making for optimal digital experience creation. With access to Zaius’ CDP, Optimizely users can:

  • Create a unified view of customers that creates impactful and relevant digital experiences;
  • Understand and leverage customer transactional insights and behavior data to help improve the impact of their digital experiences and optimize them for future interactions; and
  • Take immediate action to improve digital experiences based on data insights across all stages of the creation and optimization process.

“In a world where first-party relationships and data are essential for digital leaders, being able to bring data across assets, behaviors and customers into a single view is necessary to drive the right outcomes,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Optimizely, in a statement. “With Zaius as part of Optimizely’s DXP, we just accelerated and made it simpler to add the context of the customer to digital decisions that maximize ROI. We couldn’t be more excited for the Zaius team to become Optimizers and join in on our mission to unlock digital potential.”