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PFL Partners With Outreach To Equip Sales Reps With Direct Mail Capabilities

Source: PFL Source: PFL

PFL, a direct mail marketing platform, has teamed up with Outreach, a sales engagement platform, to help sales reps boost conversion rates and accelerate time-to-close via personalized direct mail packages.

The partnership enables Outreach users to create and deliver highly targeted, customized direct mailers. It is positioned to alert sales reps once a package is delivered, so they can immediately follow up and track package ROI.

"With the click of a button, our users will be able to send personalized direct mail and custom gifts — all seamlessly integrated to ensure relevant and timely follow up,” said Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales at Outreach, in a statement. “PFL is an important partner in our quest to give sales reps every tool possible to find and win deals."