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QuotaFactory Launches PRM Platform For B2B Sales

QuotaFactory placeitQuotaFactory launched its prospect relationship management (PRM) platform for B2B sales teams, which is designed for sourcing contacts and managing prospecting plans. It positions users to identify ideal customer profiles and develop more accurate phone and email databases.

The platform is available at two levels — Outsourced PRM, which includes services from QuotaFactory’s sales development representatives (SDRs), and Team PRM, a standalone license for in-house sales teams. 

Other platform features include:

  • Automated outbound dialing;
  • Email messaging templates for consistent engagement; and
  • Customizable, rule-based qualification tools to help identify prospects most likely to close.

“With one platform for data, outbound messaging, call planning, reporting and automation, SDRs can now ditch the eight different logins for all the solutions they're currently using and free up their time to do what they were hired to do – speak live with prospects," said Peter Gracey, CEO QuotaFactory.