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Radius Launches Data Quality Solution

1radius1Radius announced it has launched Radius Data Stewardship, a data quality solution that enables marketers to cleanse data within customers’ CRM and marketing automation technologies. The product uses the Radius Business Graph to provide users accurate prospect and customer data on an ongoing basis.

The new solution analyzes internal databases and identifies duplicate records, records no longer in business, incomplete records and other information relevant to the business.

“With the rise of AI-based technologies like predictive analytics, we know addressing the issue of faulty foundational data is absolutely critical,” said Darian Shirazi, CEO of Radius, in a statement. “That’s what we solve with Radius Data Stewardship. Using the Radius Business Graph as a point of validation, we continually and exponentially improve our customer’s CRM and MAT data, so they can maximize the value derived from predictive analytics platforms like Radius.”