COVID-19 Update

Salesforce Cancels Dreamforce, Takes All 2020 Events Virtual

1dreamforceSalesforce has announced that it will be “reimagining” its 2020 event programming in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. In an announcement on the company’s website, Salesforce stated that all of its events, including Dreamforce and Tableau Conference 2020, will be canceled and brought to audiences in a virtual setting.

“As we’ve done with other events, we’ll continue to create innovative digital experiences for our ecosystem,” the post stated. “For example, we turned our World Tour Sydney into a virtual event in March, taking what is typically an 11,000-person event into one viewed by 80,000 people. We're looking forward to building on that success over the coming months.

“We will miss bringing everyone together in person, but we are excited to shape our virtual events in ways that bring all of the fun, innovation, and learning to our dedicated community of Trailblazers.”

Salesforce is just one of many companies that pivoted their physical events to a virtual setting, but one of the first to announce the cancellation of fall 2020 events.