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Semcasting Unveils Employee-Based Title Targeting

Semcasting Inc., an advanced IP audience targeting company, released an Employee-Based Title Targeting tool for its Audience Designer (ADS) Data Center, allowing marketers to identify employee titles, seniority and interests for enhanced targeting campaigns.

Employee-Based Title Targeting combines natural-language processing and the automated classification of Semcasting’s 74 million customer profiles to break contacts down individually by title, role and experience to pre-qualify accounts and audiences at scale. Marketers can use these insights to uncover decision-makers showing intent within an account and target them directly in their campaigns and outreach.

In addition, the solution allows marketers to onboard an existing first-party list to identify and segment individual decision-makers and build more accurate target audiences, reducing a user’s ad spend by analyzing existing contact and interaction data.

“Adequate scale in various B2B and ABM siloed tactics have been consistent problems for B2B marketing regardless of the target industry,” said Ray Kingman, Founder and CEO of Semcasting, in a statement. “The ability of ADS to onboard first-party data at match rates above 85% is an advantage, but to be able to transparently select professionals by title, industry, company names, domains or geography upfront without having to march down the proverbial funnel can be a game changer in terms of achieving immediate scale while saving time and money.”