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A Look Into The Magic 8 Ball: The Future Of B2B Sales

Tara Bryant Pipedrive

Readers may remember that fortune-telling toy from our childhood, the Magic 8 Ball. Simply ask the large plastic ball a yes or no question and turn it over to reveal one of the 20 stock answers to life’s greatest mysteries. Endless fun ensued… until it didn’t.

While the Magic 8 Ball likely isn’t making any must-have toy lists this year, the holiday season and upcoming New Year are good times to reflect on the changes ahead for B2B sales. I’m revisiting the Magic 8 Ball’s, albeit silly, clairvoyance to help salespeople take a peek into the future of the profession. Let’s ask some questions to the Magic 8 Ball together, shall we?

The Four Pillars Of Inbound Marketing No One Ever Taught You

B2B companies are aware that inbound marketing is a staple in today’s B2B marketplace; however, are you maximizing inbound marketing to its full potential? This infographic from Issue Magazine Plus spotlights the four key pillars essential to inbound marketing, while also providing tips and best practices to incorporate these pillars into your marketing campaigns and start driving demand.

Content And Data Fuel B2B Inbound Marketing Strategies

Industry experts report that B2B marketers are tackling their inbound marketing initiatives with the help of relevant, contextual content to provide B2B buyers the information they need to move along their buying journey. Ultimately, these data-driven clues position B2B sales teams with leads that are most likely to convert.

SparkReaction Receives HubSpot Platinum Partner Status

SparkReaction Hubspot partnersSparkReaction, an inbound marketing and web design agency, has been named a HubSpot Platinum Partner, positioning the company as one of only 35 agencies to reach the Platinum tier status.

To earn Platinum Level status, an agency must display and meet criteria built around volume of customers, implementation of best practices and overall customer satisfaction through inbound marketing. Becoming a platinum partner positions SparkReaction to publish an Agency Page on the HubSpot website, as well as pen a client case study with HubSpot.

SparkReaction has seen considerable growth over the past year, expanding the agency’s list of B2B and B2C clients.

"We chose to partner with HubSpot in 2013 because we recognized its unique ability to solve one of the biggest challenges facing our clients — the ability to effectively measure how their marketing is working, and to do it all through a single, user-friendly dashboard,"said Josh Ames, Co-founder and CEO of SparkReaction.

SalesPredict Announces Partnership With HG Data

SalesPredict HGData placeitSalesPredict and HG Data have announced a data partnership which will bring together SalesPredict’s predictive scoring algorithm and HG Data’s competitive intelligence on installed technologies.

The alliance is designed to help B2B companies target inbound and outbound marketing efforts more effectively and gain deeper insight into the segments where they are most successful.

"Our goal is to deliver the most accurate predictive lead and account scores, along with deep data insights, to help our customers find, convert and retain more customers," said Yaron Zakai-Or, Co-founder and CEO of SalesPredict. “HG Data provides valuable information about the installed technology landscape and we are excited to be able to share that data with our customers to help them market and sell more effectively."

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