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NetProspex Benchmark Report: 84% Of Databases ‘Barely Functional’

NetProspex B2B studyNetProspex, a cloud-based B2B data management services provider, released its 2014 B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report, highlighting that 84% of marketing databases are considered “barely functional.” The findings show that B2B marketers are losing ROI due to incomplete and/or inaccurate data in their systems.

The study, which analyzed more than 61 million records, scored database records across four marketing best practice areas, including record completeness, email deliverability, phone connection and record duplication. Companies were rated on a 5-point scale, with “5” indicating optimal and “1” being risky.

Marketing Advocate Extends Partnership With NetProspex To Ramp Up Channel Sales Results

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Marketing Advocate
, a Through-Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) software provider, announced an extended partnership with NetProspex to use Workbench, a cloud-based data management platform that assesses database health for B2B channel marketing campaigns.

The partnership is designed to enable marketing teams to make smarter decisions by analyzing, enhancing and growing their prospect databases. It also looks to enable real-time assessment of overall contact data health and deliverability, and improve the overall quality of leads for channel marketers and sales teams.

Vertical Industry Marketing Gains Momentum But Requires A Learning Curve

shutterstock 69698566Vertical-based marketing offers a huge opportunity for growth, but it requires a deep understanding of a particular business segment that goes beyond simply adding a few “insider” phrases to generic content. With careful positioning around a benefit statement for a specific market or even accounts within a market, businesses can drive profitable long-term engagements within a vertical, experts told Demand Gen Report.

“The most common mistake marketers make in terms of vertical industry marketing is thinking that adding a few buzzwords and niche terms to their marketing collateral is enough to appeal to their desired vertical,” said Justin Gray, CEO of LeadMD. “The reality is that marketers must demonstrate a certain level of expertise in that industry — which means committing to a learning curve in which they understand the end user’s challenges and pain points.”

NetProspex Revamps Prospecting Tool To Help Sales Teams Quickly Find Decision Makers

SalesProspex Screen ShotNetProspex upgraded its sales prospecting solution SalesProspex to simplify the process for B2B sales teams seeking to identify key contacts at companies.

“With this latest version of SalesProspex, B2B sales teams now have a wealth of information available about the company and the individuals they are calling on — all from one screen,” Bruce McCarthy, VP of Product at NetProspex, told Demand Gen Report. He added that SalesProspex enables sales teams to pinpoint decision makers at target accounts using information such as job title, company size and location for complementary or competitive sales prospecting.

C2C Power Panels To Focus On Specific Stages Of The Buying Cycle

C2C twitter logoAddressing the unique needs of B2B marketers, this year’s Content2Conversion (C2C) Conference will offer three Power Panels, each targeted toplanning content campaigns at specific stages of the buying cycle.

The “Keynote” Power Panel is a rare opportunity to hear from key figures in the field as they tackle questions every B2B marketer should be focused on answering. Ardath Albee, Joe Pulizzi and Ann Handley will deliver a comprehensive look at planning content strategy; deploying content in the right formats; and amplifying content across all channels.

B2B Marketers Struggle With Data Quality, NetProspex Report Finds

NetprospexNetProspex, a provider of B2B data services, released its B2B Marketing Data Benchmark Report, which found inaccuracies or missing data in a sizeable number of the more than 100 million marketing records it examined.

“What we found is that there is room for improvement in all functional areas,” said Michael Bird, President of NetProspex. “Marketing data is like crude oil. It has to be refined to be useful.”

Business Trends Make 'Data Decay' A Pressing Issue For B2B Marketers

More than ever before, the U.S. job market is in a state of flux. More people are changing jobs with greater frequency; in August, 2011, for example, 3.1 million people changed jobs. By August, 2012, 4.3 million people per month were changing jobs.

For B2B marketers this is more than an interesting employment trend. It's proof that their own databases – full of names, contact information, job titles and other key records – can be increasingly difficult to keep accurate and up to date.

Experts Discuss Best Practices For Contact Lists, Data Cleansing In The B2B Buying Process

More B2B marketers are investing in data cleansing techniques to segment their target audiences and help prospects through the buyer journey. According to Maribeth Ross, VP of Marketing for NetProspex, these techniques allow marketers to target audiences more effectively; as a result, they generate more leads and see improvements in marketing-generated revenue metrics.

During a recent webinar -- “To Buy or Not to Buy… That is the Question: When and How to list in your B2B marketing programs” -- Ross explained the right time to use a contact list and the number of contacts needed to get results. Ross also discussed key facts about the data-buying process, as well as the necessary steps marketers should take after making a purchase.

By offering a multi-touch program, marketers can connect with prospects throughout the buying process, while exposing them to relevant content that promotes them to “hand-raiser status,” noted Ross.

NetProspex And AG Salesworks Launch Joint B2B Lead Generation Solution

, a B2B data services provider, and B2B teleprospecting and marketing services firm AG Salesworks, recently announced a partnership and joint solution. Leveraging NetProspex’s verified contact data services, AG Pipeline Connect will focus on delivering full service marketing and sales campaigns to garner fully qualified sales leads.

As data from marketing programs and sales efforts often exist in disparate locations, B2B companies can lose visibility into subtle changes in their target market. With 25% of the workforce changing each year, a business contact database is continually degrading in quality.

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