NetProspex And AG Salesworks Launch Joint B2B Lead Generation Solution

Published: June 22, 2012

NetProspex determines a client’s ideal buyer profile, ensuring a prospect database is properly targeted towards the correct decision makers. The company ensures data quality using on its proprietary CleneStep methodology, identifying incorrect contact information, appending missing fields, enhancing records with key demographic or firmographic details and adding net-new contacts.

Once this process is complete, AG Salesworks applies a proprietary methodology to develop qualified sales opportunities from this data. This process includes campaign messaging, followed by outbound email marketing and teleprospecting. Real-time campaign analytics are delivered in detail, along with closed loop feedback on all leads passed to show return on investment.

“A successful campaign hinges on two critical factors:  Quality of data and tactical execution,” noted Peter Gracey, President, Chief Operations Officer and co-Founder, AG Salesworks.  “We’ve seen that most companies are falling off in one of those two areas.  They’ve either found a great list and lack the best practices to execute the campaign effectively, or they’ve dialed in their best practices but the list is of poor quality or poorly targeted or both.”

“This solution has allowed us to forecast with far more confidence,” stated Joe Federbush, VP of Sales and Marketing at ESI, in a press release. “With 87% of the leads generated by AG progressing to next steps, we are seeing an excellent return without the costs and challenges of having this in house.”

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