NetProspex: CleneStep Verification

Published: July 26, 2011


Finding accurate email addresses and phone numbers for prospects is a major pain point for B2B marketing teams. NetProspex solves this data quality challenge with CleneStepTM, a proprietary data-cleansing process that ensures accuracy.


First removes incomplete, invalid, and duplicate records. This process also removes personal (e.g., and generic (e.g., email addresses. The remaining records are cleaned through a proprietary three-dimensional verification process:

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  1. Email verification ensures high deliverability.
  2. SocialVerifyTM confirms current company affiliation.
  3. Phone validation ensures connect-ability. (Over 1 million phone calls are made monthly.)

The result is a comprehensive lead generation database of millions of business professionalscontaining up-to-date email, phone, postal, and social contact information.



This verified contact data has improved the results and efficiency for B2B marketers deploying marketing automation, email marketing, and tele-prospecting to drive leads. These marketers require deliverable, high-quality, and complete records.


“As a customer of NetProspex, we’ve seen a significant productivity increase and value-add for all of our clients across all of our teams. That’s driven by the overall quality of NetProspex data.” – Peter Gracey, President and COO, AG Salesworks[jb1] 


While other crowd-sourced B2B contact databases use a one-dimensional approach of relying on client feedback to correct data, CleneStepTM includes three-dimensional verification to maintain data accuracy consistently higher than that of competitors. Clients rely on NetProspex as a cost-effective resource for new and accurate prospect records as they continue to grow their business.


Search for free at, or contact or 888-826-4877 #1 for a free consultation about the verified prospects in your target markets.

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