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Data Visualization Tools Gaining Traction To Project Impact & Opportunities For B2B Marketing Teams

B2B marketers are not only tasked with communicating their value proposition to prospective customers, but also with their internal teams. To help project the impact and intelligence gathered by their programs, companies such as Cox Media, SAP and Box are finding success by leveraging data visualization tools to communicate achievements and refine campaigns.

3 Reasons Predictive Can Help Boost Marketing Intelligence

Shari.Johnston 1Talk to any marketer today and he or she will tell you the same thing: “We need better insights into our marketing engine.” In the age of AI, machine learning, and all things marketing intelligence, I often find that most conversations center around data quality. As a marketer, I find that it’s easy to put the impetus on better marketing intelligence.

Radius Releases Insights To Help Data-Driven Marketing Campaigns

RadiusRadius, a marketing intelligence company, announced the commercial release of Radius Insights. This software is tightly integrated with Salesforce and is designed to provide companies a better understanding of existing customers, identify top performing segments in its Salesforce systems and deploy relevant marketing campaigns. The launch follows successful pilots in the financial services and local services industries.

“With data, more is always better. The trick is making sense of all that information so you can see who is truly your best customer,” said Darian Shirazi, Radius founder and CEO. “With Radius Insights, we’ve productized scientific approaches. The ‘aha’ moment comes when our customers realize they can easily now answer two very important questions — who are their best customers and how many more just like them exist.”

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