Vendelux Aims To Streamline Event Marketing With AI-Powered Intelligence Platform

Published: January 24, 2024

Vendelux is an AI-powered event intelligence platform designed for event marketers and event organizers. The platform hosts more than 160,000 global B2B events, providing users with powerful data-driven insights and an array of tools to optimize their event marketing budgets and ROI. Founded in 2021 by Alex Reynolds and Stefan Deeran, Vendelux is based in New York City and is backed by FirstMark Capital, Cervin Ventures, Tenacity Ventures and Tri-Valley Ventures, among others.

The Lowdown

Powered by AI and predictive modeling, Vendelux’s platform helps event marketers and CMOs analyze customer and competitor behavior, make informed decisions about which events to attend or sponsor and ultimately close more customers to increase ROI.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Leveraging the power of AI and predictive modeling, Vendelux combines first-party data from its network of conference organizers and partners with real-time data monitoring, enrichment from more than 185,000 unique sources and historical insights to forecast upcoming event attendee personas, providing the quantifiable business impact of in-person events, trade shows and conferences worldwide.

Who It’s For

Vendelux is aiming to be the source for all events, large and small, worldwide. It works with companies of all sizes and while event marketers are the primary users today, the platform provides useful insights to teams across the organization. Fueled by popular demand, the company is already building out its intelligence solutions for conference organizers.

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What It Solves

Year after year, Vendelux saw firsthand the challenges of evaluating events and deciding which were worthwhile to attend or invest in. The company knew events were the most important piece of the marketing and sales funnel, but it wasn’t always clear which events delivered the greatest return on dollars spent. They built Vendelux to solve those challenges.

What Makes It Special

With 65 million data points from more than 160,000 global eventsand deep CRM integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce, Vendelux’s AI-powered data-driven solution is said to deliver an industry first: Visibility into the potential revenue at every event based on pipeline, ABM target lists and ideal customer profiles (ICP).


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