Clearbit Releases New Plugin To Bring Its Data To ChatGPT

Published: August 2, 2023

Clearbit is a marketing intelligence solution that seeks to help B2B marketing and revenue teams grow faster and smarter with data. More than 1,500 customers in organizations like Segment, Asana and Atlassian use Clearbit’s data activation platform and APIs to create demand, capture intent and optimize pipeline.

The Lowdown

The Clearbit ChatGPT plugin brings Clearbit’s data directly inside ChatGPT to build workflows that help streamline lead prospecting, personalization, enrichment and more to help sales, marketing and operations teams find and prioritize leads to help increase conversions.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

To use the Clearbit ChatGPT plugin, Clearbit customers must have plugin access in their ChatGPT instance and a valid Clearbit API key.

Who It’s For

The tool is for B2B sales, marketing and operations teams looking to build next-level go-to-market (GTM) workflows.

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What It Solves

According to the company, the Clearbit ChatGPT plugin helps users:

  • “Quickly and easily” find lists of people and companies to contact, eliminating the need for manual research;
  • Identify key contacts or companies that fit their ideal customer profile (ICP);
  • Look up companies and find relevant contacts in roles that matter;
  • Prioritize outreach efforts based on factors like company size, industry and intent signals; and
  • Uncover new companies in their ICP showing intent.

What Makes It Special

The Clearbit ChatGPT plugin is a GTM tool that seeks to help sales, marketing and operations teams find the right people and companies to contact. What makes it unique is that it combines two powerful technologies: OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Clearbit’s data. This means that teams get more accurate information to help them find the best leads and make better decisions.

With the plugin, users can quickly find lists of people and companies that match their target customer profile, which saves time and makes outreach more efficient. It also provides insights into website visitors’ behavior, helping teams to prioritize leads and increase their chances of making a sale.



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