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TechnologyAdvice Acquires Selling Signals

TechnologyAdvice, a B2B media company that delivers marketing and data for technology companies, acquired Selling Signals, an online publication for sales professionals. The acquisition follows the recent TechnologyAdvice purchase of Marc Waring Ventures, which was Selling Signals’ lead investor.

The goal of this acquisition is to provide Selling Signals with the resources to pursue its vision of becoming the go-to-digital community for sales professionals. The Selling Signals and TechnologyAdvice teams will work closely together to achieve this objective for technology buyers and vendors across its portfolio of online publications.

"We're excited to join TechnologyAdvice because of the opportunities it creates for our readership and team," said Evan Tarver, Co-Founder and CEO at Selling Signals, in a statement. "The mission and vision of TechnologyAdvice closely align with our own and we look forward to collaborating with other media brands in their portfolio to grow our collective audience of B2B tech buyers."