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Uberflip Launches Marketplace To Unify Martech Stacks

Uberflip, a digital content marketing platform, has launched an ecosystem of integrations and apps designed to help marketers to connect Uberflip with their martech stack to seamlessly orchestrate the buyer journey.

Uberflip Marketplace is designed to be a hub for marketers to connect data sources, content formats, design templates, sales tools and more, enabling them to create personalized campaign destinations for buyers. The Marketplace launched with 40 apps and integrations that offer the ability to customize content experiences across 11 categories, including personalization, analytics and API-driven integrations.

The Marketplace currently features companies such as:

“Over the last eight years, we've committed to building a platform that empowers marketers to create engaging experiences around content that accelerate the buyer journey,” said Yoav Schwartz, CEO at Uberflip. “With the launch of the Uberflip Marketplace, we’re taking that commitment one step further as we extend the functionality of our platform and leverage a thriving ecosystem. The Uberflip Marketplace will act as a one-stop shop for the technologies and tools marketers need to go above and beyond for their buyers. This move will positively impact our ability to deliver the niche capabilities our customers are demanding.”