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Vidyard Adds Interactive Events Library, Transcription Service To Video Platform

  • Written by Stephen Betz, Contributing Writer
  • Published in News Briefs

1VidyardVidyard announced the launch of new features to its video platform, including an interactive events library, free automated transcription service, and Facebook analytics integration.

These new features aim to helps marketers ensure that each video they publish is optimized for SEO, social media engagement and lead conversion.

Details for the new release include:

  • Vidyard Interactive Events Library, designed to help users create interactive lead forms, annotations and call-to-action (CTA) events, then apply to any video in your content library. Located in one central location within the Vidyard platform, which users can update at any time.
  • Free Automated Transcription, designed to automate the creation of audio transcripts for every video in a user’s library while also applying those transcripts to website metadata. This aims to improve productivity, boost SEO performance and simplify Closed Captioning.
  • Facebook Analytics, a single-source, at-a-glance comparison of how videos are performing on Facebook, helping users make next-step decisions quicker and optimize results.
  • New Content Format Support, programmed to support 360-degree video, 4K video, H.265 and VP9 video formats to power new video content experiences. Helping users extend their lead generation process to across industry-leading, high-quality video formats.

"Vidyard's new industry-first capabilities for in-video interactive CTAs, automated transcription, and social video will help marketers quickly turn their existing videos into lead generation machines that immediately drive sales pipeline," said Jeff Loeb, CMO at Vidyard, in a statement.

The enhancements come at a time where marketing teams are looking to create interactive video for their consumers. Video marketing in 2017 needs to focus on the consumer. Personalizing video content with the viewers paint points and interests in mind can be a gateway into a new video content format for B2B marketers. Video helps marketers get personal as many companies are expanding their marketing tactics to focus on personalization with their consumers.