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Solution Spotlight

This section highlights the latest products, tools and services that will have an impact on a B2B marketing team's daily initiatives. Fill out our submission form if you think your product is a fit.

INFUSEmedia’s Lead Cascade Solution Aims To Optimize Lead Generation

INFUSEmedia, a demand generation engine, has launched its Lead Cascade solution, designed to allow marketers to fill all stages of their funnel with qualified leads. BACK-OF-THE-BOX DETAILS Lead Cascade aims to generate bottom-of-the-funnel leads at different levels through criteria or custom questions created by the user, generating leads that meet…

Leadspace CDP Aims To Support Data Management & ABM Plays With AI

The B2B Customer Data Platform (CDP) from Leadspace, a data service provider, is designed to help businesses score, prioritize and apply artificial intelligence (AI) to their data management and ABM strategies, positioning users to take advantage of potential opportunities hidden in their data.

Intellimize Aims To Help Marketing Teams Personalize Their Websites

Intellimize, a personalization and conversion provider, is designed to help marketers drive conversions and revenue growth by using artificial intelligence to personalize websites to deliver the right experience to each visitor on any device. Companies rely on Intellimize to help them deliver more revenue, faster and with less work than…

Chetu Launches Service Aimed To Help Users Streamline Existing Software

Chetu, a software development and support service company, has launched Custom Software Solutions, a contracting service designed for businesses to personalize their internal software for compatibility with their workflow and to promote their brand identity. BACK-OF-THE-BOX DETAILS Chetu’s coding and marketing developers work directly with buyers to craft a solution…
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