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RollWorks’ Account-Based Platform Launches Account Scoring Capabilities

RollWorks’ new account scoring capabilities expand upon the company’s account-based platform and identification solution. The account scoring feature is designed to enable account-based sales and marketing teams to score and prioritize target account lists using a predictive machine learning model, which is positioned to score accounts based on firmographic and technographic…

Evergage Launches AI-Powered Personalization Algorithm

Evergage’s new personalization algorithm, Contextual Bandit, is designed to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to process vast stores of data, positioning companies to automatically deliver the most relevant and optimal content, offer or promotion to each website visitor, application user or email recipient.

Chili Piper Offers Platform Designed To Automate Call Scheduling

Chili Piper’s scheduling platform is designed to boost buyer engagement by allowing qualified leads to automatically book a meeting or call after filling out a site’s contact form. The solution aims to automate complex scheduling process across teams and departments to provide buyers with the best possible experience.

6Sense Aims To Help Marketers Unlock Buyer Intent

6sense is designed to shine a light on the buying journey. The account-based orchestration platform positions revenue teams to gain buyer insights, so they can generate more opportunities, increase deal size, compete and win more often.

Intercom Inbox Aims To Improve Customer Communication Management

Intercom’s Inbox is designed to enable sales and support teams to host all of the information and tools they need in one place. The solution aims to provide context alongside customer conversations and trigger actions in external tools with one click. It is also quipped to sync data across tech…
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