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Solution Spotlight

This section highlights the latest products, tools and services that will have an impact on a B2B marketing team's daily initiatives. Fill out our submission form if you think your product is a fit.

Hotjar Introduces AI-Powered Research Assistant

Hotjar is a provider of website heatmaps and behavior analytics tools designed to help product teams empathize with their end-users and deliver value by making the right product improvements. The Lowdown Hotjar AI is an AI-powered research assistant designed to help product teams and marketers analyze surveys and customer responses, and…

Revenue Grid Aims To Offer Tools To Enhance Overall Sales Performance

Revenue Grid is a revenue intelligence platform designed to help businesses identify and prevent revenue leaks at any stage of the revenue generation process. Revenue Grid fights revenue leaks by automatically capturing all relevant sales activities, analyzing data with AI, implementing changes to sales processes with revenue signals and measuring…

Outreach Unveils New Sales Execution Platform Capabilities

Outreach is a sales execution platform designed to assist market-facing teams with creating and predictably closing more pipeline. From prospecting to deal management to forecasting, the platform leverages automation and AI to help revenue leaders increase efficiency and effectiveness of all go-to-market (GTM) activities and personnel across the revenue cycle.

StormAI By Stormboard Aims To Leverage AI To Streamline Workflow Collaboration

Stormboard is a data-first collaboration workflow platform designed to help teams work smarter and achieve better outcomes across in-office and hybrid teams. Its whiteboard capabilities work to turn unstructured human interactions into information-rich, collaborative workspaces, enabling data-backed decisions and efficient processes that save customers countless hours and dollars. With its…

FanHero Studio Aims To Help Creators Deliver Customized, Professional-Grade Live Streams

FanHero is a video technology cloud company and the provider of an all-in-one, white-label live video streaming and over-the-top solution. Since its inception, the FanHero platform has allowed businesses and creators to distribute and monetize content worldwide using its proprietary video technology cloud to power their video and streaming operations.…
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