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CaliberMind Launches Intelligence Software For Account-Based Marketing

CaliberMind is a B2B buyer intelligence software that provides buyer and content engagement data for account-based marketing. The solution can develop personas to provide prescriptive recommendations for sales, product and marketing teams to accelerate sales cycles and increase revenue and conversion.


CaliberMind analyzes human language from multiple sources to build detailed psychographic profiles of B2B buyers. The solution can analyze data from an individual’s social footprint, as well as first- and third-party data, to deliver a holistic view of a prospect. CaliberMind then recommends the best content, channel, tone and method to communicate with a prospective buyer.

Using natural language processing (NLP) and deep machine learning, CaliberMind prescribes content based on individual personality traits and attributes. This allows sales and marketing teams to create personas that are dynamic and update them in real time.

Other modules and features include:

  • A persona builder to help define and manage persona archetypes;
  • Integrations that push real-time buyer data to your CRM or automation platform;
  • A buyer journey mapping tool;
  • Cognitive content, or marketing communications that are based on a prospect’s behaviors, motivations and other data;
  • Psychographic Append, or analysis of behavioral and social data to uncover buyer needs, pain points, motivation, level of influence and personality type;
  • Dashboards and analytics to help measure and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.


CaliberMind’s solution is suitable for B2B enterprise and mid-market sales, product and marketing teams.


CaliberMind can securely read and interpret information from customer data silos across and outside the organization, including Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Zendesk, Intercom, Amazon Redshift, Google Drive and Twitter.


CaliberMind is available at $20,000 for companies on an annual license basis, and pricing is further determined based on the number of personas and the number of contacts it is required to analyze.


Beta customers include Citrix, Convercent, Return Path and Annuitas.


CaliberMind applies NLP directly to customer data silos and content repositories. For example, the solution can understand and interpret the text of a support ticket, versus a sales email, versus a web page. It can derive which buyers would want which content at which stage in their journey. Finally, CaliberMind can measure and visualize the buyer journey with analytical tools.


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