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Measurable Content Engagement With ClearSlide

ClearSlide logoClearSlide is a sales enablement tool designed to help sales reps engage customers on the phone, in-person and via email while providing sales reps actionable insights to enhance forecasting.


The sales engagement platform is intended to help sales teams maintain consistent messaging, while closing more deals with relevant conversations based on engagement analytics. It positions sales reps to email customers sales content using a customized link, offering insight into how the audience engages with the content. Users can receive alerts when prospective buyers open it, providing page-by-page analytics and insights to add more value to follow-up conversations.


ClearSlide integrates with several systems, including:

  • Salesforce;
  • Gmail;
  • Dropbox; and
  • Microsoft Outlook.



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Competitive Positioning

ClearSlide enables users to share their screens with prospective buyers, while also giving users the option to host interactive presentations and web content quickly and efficiently. Sales reps can track the virtual meeting’s activity, content shared, meeting notes and viewer information back to Salesforce or other integrated systems.

The solution also comes with mobile presentation and email features that are designed to help sales reps stay connected to customers, content, and pipeline from anywhere.

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