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ON24 Launches Prospect Engagement Profile For Webinar Analysis

The ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile is a set of data analytics designed to translate webinar engagement into actionable insights via the company’s webinar platform. The solution aims to help marketers better understand a customer’s buying intent and automatically deliver those insights to accelerate the buying cycle, improve customer experience and unite marketing and sales.


The ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile analyzes an individual’s webinar engagement so marketers and salespeople can understand individual prospects’ level of interactivity and interests, including the questions they asked, resources downloaded and responses to any given polls and/or surveys. These insights are available in ON24’s webinar marketing platform and ON24 Webcast Elite.


This solution is primarily for B2B marketers and salespeople focused on demand generation who need a way to meaningfully engage self-educated buyers and convert them to loyal customers.


The ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile integrates with and other CRM systems. The company said it is the only webinar technology that has a direct, native integration with CRM systems and automatically relates those engagement insights with individual contacts.


The ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile is available to all customers with an ON24 Webcast Elite subscription. To integrate the ON24 Prospect Engagement Profile with CRM systems, customers can subscribe to ON24 Connect.


ON24 is a webinar platform built for prospect engagement that features in-product analytics and a native CRM system integration. ON24 also aims to provide the most opportunities for presenter-audience interaction.


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