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Phrasee Launches Language Personalization Technology To Help Increase Customer Experiences

Phrasee aims to enhance customer experiences by optimizing the language brands use across the buyer’s journey. The company’s AI-powered SaaS platform brings together natural language generation, machine learning and dynamic optimization. The launch of Phrasee’s new language personalization insights seeks to help brands better personalize customer engagement.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Marketers are continuously challenged to deliver compelling messages to their customers through email, ​​push notifications, SMS, web and social media. The more personalized these messages are, the more likely they will resonate with and influence customers. Phrasee’s technology uses data from historical campaigns to understand the type of marketing language and messaging individual users most engage with based on opens, clicks and conversion data. While the campaign is live and running, the data is then matched to the sentiment of the individual subscriber.

Who It's For

AI-generated brand language helps enterprises scale their personalization efforts across channels to absorb what resonates with their audience by building customer profiles about language sentiment preference. Phrasee’s customers include senior marketers who oversee all digital channels and specialists who lead CRM, email, social media and website performance.

What It Solves

Phrasee’s personalization technology helps enterprise brands create fully automated, set-and-forget campaigns that generate, optimize and personalize the language that each customer receives.

What Makes It Special

Creating personalized customer experiences has long been the goal of brand marketers. Phrasee’s language personalization can help drive customer engagement and ROI through its automated, real-time machine learning technology.



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