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RFPIO Offers Response Management Software Designed To Streamline Communications

RFPIO is a market leader in response management software, trusted by some of the world's smartest companies. RFPIO supports response management for growing organizations of all sizes including Google, Adobe, Atlassian, Microsoft, Tenable and Zoom Video. 

The Lowdown

RFPIO’s Response Management solution aims to ensure organizations are responding to customers, investors, regulators and other stakeholders quickly, accurately and strategically.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

RFPIO is driven by patented machine learning technology that is designed to recommend answers and related content to front-line teams. It integrates with popular business apps (MS Office, Slack, Chrome and CRM solutions) to ensure response content is available to employees wherever they are working and automates the process of knowledge sharing and collaboration. The tool has specific functionality for automating the completion of common request forms, such as RFPs, Security Questionnaires (VSQ) and Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQ).

Who It's For

RFPIO is commonly implemented by proposal teams, sales teams, marketing teams, investor relations, legal teams and security teams. As subject matter experts in their respective areas, these teams generally implement and manage the solution, which is then used by employees throughout the company to access the expertise they require during external engagements.

What It Solves

RFPIO aims to break down knowledge silos within organizations and enables distributed workforces to respond with accurate and consistent messaging. Its ability to automate the completion of questionnaires with machine learning technology makes quick work of time-consuming questionnaires such as RFPs, VSQs and DDQs.

What Makes It Special

RFPIO leads the Response Management category in its application of machine learning and collaborative cloud technologies. It is designed around the best practices of knowledge sharing, project management and workflow automation, and is said to be the only Response Management solution with the depth of functionality required to support enterprise operating models.


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