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Sigstr Offers Email Marketing Solution With Banner Ad, Relationship Mapping Capabilities

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Sigstr aims to transform the millions of emails B2B marketers send through Gmail or Outlook into a targeted marketing channel and source of relationship-based intent data that gives marketers control, influence and visibility into the entire customer journey.


Sigstr is designed to enable B2B companies to add dynamic, call-to-action banners into every email their employees send. It is positioned to let users run dozens or hundreds of simultaneous campaigns to automatically target and influence their most important audiences with relevant content.

By being in the flow of every email that is sent, Sigstr is positioned to map and quantify the universe of relationships a company has with its audiences and provide visibility into engagement levels throughout the customer journey.

The solution also aims to give marketers global control over contact information and disclaimers across the entire company, easily adapting to complicated organizations with multiple business units or office locations.


The platform is designed to help marketing teams at any company gain full control over the signature area of those emails, turning them into a marketing and analytics channel.


Sigstr offers integrations with every major marketing automation platform and CRM, as well as rich integrations into content, ABM and sales automation platforms such as PathFactory, Terminus and SalesLoft.


Sigstr is a cloud-based solution that is priced per user. Exact pricing varies depending on the total number of users and features requested.


Customers include Snowflake, AT&T, Cvent and more.


Sigstr is designed to give marketers the control over the inbox they need to gain visibility and influence over the entire revenue journey. Its enterprise capabilities, integrations and powerful interface were built with the marketer in mind.


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