New Benchmark Study Showcases Payoffs From Lead Generation

A new study released last month spotlights the critical role lead generation plays in the sales success of BtoB companies, and shows companies who align sales and marketing with lead generation outpace competitors. The 2009 B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study, released by Mac McIntosh Inc. and ExperiGenExperts, also found the vast majority of survey participants (94%) use more than four different lead generation tactics to get the job done.

Six Steps to Stop Marketing Waste

By Guy Powell, Author, “Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment”

Is half your marketing wasted and you just don’t know which half? Are you a follower of John Wanamaker and don’t know whether your marketing is working or not? In any organization, marketing is one of the most difficult functions. There’s always too much to do and too little time.  And if you’re like most organizations after the campaign is done, you can’t answer the simple question, “How much revenue did it bring in?”

Here are six steps to help fix this problem: 

Unica Unveils Catalyst Program To Accelerate Interactive Marketing ROI

Unica Corporation introduced the ROI Catalyst Program designed to help marketers quickly and effectively implement interactive marketing solutions in their own environments. Designed to showcase how interactive marketing tactics can significantly increase marketing performance, the program consists of four distinct solutions that are built around specific business scenarios. The solutions, comprised of Unica products and services, are designed for rapid implementation in the customer’s environment using the customer’s production data to deliver near-immediate business value.

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