New Calendly Routing Tool Aims To Streamline Lead Qualification

Published: July 10, 2023

Calendly is designed to help individuals, teams and organizations automate the meeting lifecycle by removing the back and forth with scheduling. Calendly’s cloud-based platform offers a new layer of the modern digital technology stack by connecting with critical tools to automate scheduling workflows, create a more delightful customer experience and provide insightful, measurable data to drive better business outcomes.

The Lowdown

Calendly Routing is a new solution built to empower sales and marketing teams to qualify, route and schedule meetings with high value leads and customers instantly from their company’s website. The tool integrates with Marketo, HubSpot and Salesforce to help sales, marketing and customer success teams close deals faster using the essential industry tools within their tech stacks.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Calendly Routing aims to help users:

  • Increase website and email conversion by qualifying leads in real time: A customer can book a meeting after completing a HubSpot, Marketo or Calendly Routing Form on the desired company’s website.
  • Route leads and customers by Salesforce ownership: Automatically match existing customers and leads to their account owner from Salesforce before prompting them to schedule a meeting.
  • Scale business performance with one centralized scheduling platform: Inclusive of robust team features, solutions and integrations; deep analytics; and enterprise-grade security, including SCIM provisioning.

Who It’s For

Calendly Routing is for sales, customer experience and marketing teams.

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What It Solves

Economic fluctuations and shifting consumer behaviors are putting immense pressure on organizations. Customers hold more power and expect real-time responses as companies risk losing business. According to Salesforce’s “State of Sales Report,” 82% of sales professionals said they’ve had to adapt quickly to new ways of selling. Revenue teams across sales, marketing and customer experience are being impacted in the process, facing increased demands to deliver more leads faster, and in turn, more revenue with fewer resources.

What Makes It Special

Calendly Routing is built on Calendly’s core scheduling platform that meets revenue teams’ needs throughout the customer lifecycle. Companies can enhance the customer journey from the moment a lead engages with their website and submits a form requesting to speak with the sales team.


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