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Terminus Launches Connected Account Experiences Program To Foster Engagement

Terminus is an account-based engagement platform built to deliver more pipeline and revenue through multichannel ABM. The company launched its Connected Account Experiences platform to deliver first-party data that helps users improve engagement with target buyers and drive awareness and influence through connected TV and audio ads.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Connected Account Experiences seeks to empower users to work and buy from anywhere, driving ABM strategy with the data, tools and channels marketers can trust to reach the right contacts at the right time. Specific capabilities of the platform include:

  • Continuous optimization of ABM strategies with Terminus Identify, the visitor identification system that features the company's own first-party data sets;
  • Creating awareness for connected TV and audio ads through Terminus CTV and Audio, which enables Terminus customers to run ads on platforms like Spotify, Hulu and other popular streaming services; and
  • Fostering engagement across marketing and sales channels through integrations with Outreach, Salesloft and Slack.

Who It's For

Marketers already using an ABM strategy and looking to widen their scope of channels to engage prospects.

What It Solves

Ninety-one percent of marketers agree they want to target customers through tailored approaches like personalized campaigns and outreach. However, many organizations are leveraging a stacked approach with marketing channels operating independently of each other. This leads to missed opportunities for critical touchpoints and disconnected account experiences, which negatively impact pipeline and revenue. When implemented correctly, Connected Account Experiences can help marketers build connections with the right customers.

What Makes It Special

With Connected Account Experiences, Terminus enables marketers to identify their buyers wherever they are, reach them on any screen they use and engage them with the marketing and sales automation tools their teams use every day.