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Uberflip Aims To Automate Dynamic Content UTMs For Enhanced Attribution Reporting

The Dynamic Embed Parameters solution from Uberflip allows users to quickly create and manage their urchin tracking module (UTM) parameters to attribute traffic from shared content for higher quality marketing attribution data.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Dynamic Embed Parameters is designed to help users automatically set their marketing UTMs for sharing embedded content with prospects, allowing them to manage and analyze content traffic as they update in real-time. Users can also adjust their UTM parameters at any time for dynamic data sets that identify specific buyers that meet a user’s revenue goals.

By automating this process, users can increase the accuracy of attribution data for more comprehensive reporting and deeper buyer insights in Uberflip Analytics.

Who It's For

The solution is designed for marketers, salespeople and CX teams looking to leverage dynamically updated UTM parameters for next-level reporting.

What Makes It Special

The solution makes it easy for users to assign dynamic content UTMs and automates the application of those UTMs whenever content is shared.