Solution Spotlight

This section highlights the latest products, tools and services that will have an impact on a B2B marketing team's daily initiatives. Fill out our submission form if you think your product is a fit.

Postie Offers End-To-End Platform For Direct Mail Management, Optimization

Postie is a platform that aims to automate and simplify direct mail marketing. It is designed to help marketers better manage their prospecting, retargeting and CRM engagement campaigns from a centralized platform. FEATURES/FUNCTIONALITY Postie is positioned to provide a full range of direct mail capabilities, such as testing and optimization…

Showpad Releases Shared Spaces To Facilitate 1:1 Sales Conversations

Shared Spaces, a new sales enablement platform from Showpad, aims to help sales teams build custom sites for prospects and facilitate personalized interactions between buyers and sellers. It is positioned to provide a secure and navigable space where relevant content can be easily tracked and shared for an improved buyer…
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