Photoroom Secures $43M In Series B Funding; Releases Suite Of AI Tools

Published: February 28, 2024

Photoroom, an AI photo editor, closed a $43 million Series B funding round led by new and previous investors, bringing the company’s total funding to $64 million. With the capital, the company plans to invest in more graphics processing units, secure imagery from leading image providers and photographers and double the size of its team by the end of 2024.

The announcement comes as Photoroom launched its first foundation model tailor-made for product photography, Photoroom Instant Diffusion (Photoroom ID), which is trained to master product photography to ensure that images from different sources look consistently styled.

“The foundation model is the next step in empowering businesses to create amazing product photos without the need to be an expert at prompt engineering or photography,” said Matthieu Rouif, Co-founder and CEO at Photoroom, in a statement. “Our model has been trained to excel at product photography and can quickly adapt to user needs and feedback. We are not only increasing the speed of our model, but also optimizing for quality, through higher resolution, more detailed images and a larger training dataset than ever before. As a user-centric AI company, we designed the architecture to make sense for our users.”

Additionally, the company is launching a suite of new AI photo-editing tools, which include:

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  • AI Backgrounds, formerly known as Instant Backgrounds, that generate AI backgrounds for product photography;
  • AI Expand, to realistically expanding the scene around an existing image;
  • AI Images, which allow customers to create custom images from scratch using text prompts;
  • AI Fill, which customizes an item or area of an image;
  • Auto-Rotate, which corrects the camera angle with AI for more professional images;
  • AI Upscale, which enhancese resolution of images for higher quality photos; and
  • An Image Editing API that helps businesses use Photoroom’s API to generate and edit hundreds of images in seconds.

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