Autopilot Launches CoPilot Sales Automation Tool

Published: June 23, 2014

Autopilot, a marketing automation platform, announced the launch of its CoPilot email sales automation tool. The new solution is designed to help companies easily find and engage their prospects using automated email flows.

The service aims to remove all of the manual tasks that sales development teams often spend much of their days on and automatically engages prospective clients through automated outbound campaigns.

CoPilot will automatically engage prospects through an outbound campaign, which the sales teams can design and test, based on the prospects’ behavior. CoPilot will then automatically follow up and only land engaged prospects into the sales person’s inbox. A real time activity feed and sophisticated reporting give sales teams complete insight into prospects’ behavior whether that is clicking on a link or opening one of several touches.

“We call CoPilot a sales automation application, but I think it speaks more to the convergence of marketing and sales technology in general,” wrote Michael Sharkey, CEO and Co-Founder of Autopilot, on the company’s blog. “It’s not marketing automation and it’s not CRM. It fits into this gap in the market that is completely unserved.  From speaking with hundreds of marketers and sales teams we realized this gap exists in almost every B2B company.”

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