BoomTrain Partners With SparkPost To Enable Email Personalization

Published: April 12, 2016

Boomtrain, a predictive marketing company, has teamed up with SparkPost, a cloud-based email solution provider, to provide email personalization capabilities to current and prospective customers.

The partnership combines Sparkpost’s automated email platform with Boomtrain’s machine intelligence in an effort to help marketers target customers with tailored content that is relevant and contextual — leading to increased engagement. 

The integration also is positioned to offer users scalable content recommendations and insights on an individual level.

“SparkPost’s leading infrastructure, combined with Boomtrain’s AI-powered marketing automation, delivers the new standard for marketers,” said Neej Gore, SVP of Business Operations at Boomtrain, in a blog post announcing the partnership. “Inevitably, consumers benefit through more timely conversations tailored to their individual preferences.” 

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