Calendly Releases New Reporting Dashboard, Calendly Analytics

Published: October 5, 2022

Calendly, a scheduling platform, launched Calendly Analytics to help users optimize scheduling and reach team goals faster. The intuitive reporting dashboard is designed to assist team leaders to discover activity and trends, such as popular meeting days, top performers and in-demand meeting types.

The new dashboard replaces previously manual methods of generating regular performance and usage reports for internal management and executive leadership. Key functionalities of the self-service and customizable solution include:

  • Utilizing insights to plan day-to-day team scheduling availability based on customer meeting trends;
  • Helping organizations discover the teams, groups or individuals who have seen the most scheduling success and learn from their best practices;
  • The ability to review trends across specified time periods or in real time.

Additionally, the dashboard includes multiple widgets that reveal account activity such as meetings booked, meetings that occurred, reschedules, cancellations, trends on meetings and their durations and insights on the most active users, event types and most popular meeting days.

“At Calendly, we know that data that leads to insights about your team’s meeting patterns can help you gain a competitive edge in today’s business environment,” said Annie Pearl, Chief Product Officer at Calendly, in a statement. “No other company has access to this type of rich customer meeting information and we are surfacing it in an easy-to-manage dashboard that guides teams to hit their business goals.”

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