CallSine Debuts AI-Powered Platform Designed To Enhance Personalization

Published: June 18, 2024

CallSine, an AI-driven sales engagement platform, entered the market with its patent-pending CallSine App for enterprise use and CallSine API for sales enablement and CRM systems. The company’s solutions are designed to harness the power of large language models (LLMs) that are “meticulously” trained on a seller’s products, services and key marketing messages to increase personalization.

The CallSine AI platform was created to extract essential elements from diverse sources (such as PDFs, PowerPoints, websites and various word documents) to distill a company’s offerings into captivating messages explicitly aimed at influential decision-makers. By synthesizing content that these executives find most engaging — based on insights automatically drawn from their websites or LinkedIn profiles — CallSine plans to streamline content creation processes and enhance the outcomes of inbound engagement by leveraging:

  • Vector embeddings to analyze and understand customer interaction data, identifying key themes, interests and preferences;
  • Retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to leverage insights gained from embeddings to retrieve the most relevant information or content pieces for each customer segment or individual inquiry; and
  • LLMs to generate personalized outreach materials tailored to the customer’s profile and enriched with relevant information.

“At CallSine, we elevate sales communications by leveraging RAG and our automated intelligence-gathering tools to research additional data points and craft cohesive, personalized messages,” said Logan Kelly, Founder and President of CallSine. “Unlike generic AI tools, we build a detailed knowledge base about your company and prospects. This allows us to use AI to generate truly relevant and tailored messaging beyond acknowledging a prospect’s standard profile information.”


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