Casted Introduces Amplified Marketing Platform; Releases Casted Themes

Published: November 3, 2021

Casted, an audio and video content marketing platform, rebranded itself as an Amplified Marketing platform and released Casted Themes, a new product designed to capitalize on the principles of Amplified Marketing.

According to Casted, the components of Amplified Marketing include:

  • Identifying the target audience, subject matter experts and assets that already exist;
  • Creating audio and video content and breaking it into clips, transcriptions, key takeaways and more; and
  • Amplifying all of the assets, resources and conversations across multiple channels and formats to maximize the return on investment and effort.

The features of Casted Themes will help teams access a central solution to create and manage content themes and leverage insights, while customers will have access to 360-degree views of their existing content with insights like audience engagement, content-type and revenue attribution.

“The future of B2B marketing is recorded,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and Co-founder of Casted. “Companies and marketing teams have the assets — podcasts, webinars, customer stories, product videos — but often only use this content once and then put it in the archives. Amplified marketing empowers marketers to be more efficient and effective while also embracing greater creativity, strengthening connections with their audiences and driving revenue. And Casted’s expansion as the first Amplified Marketing platform provides marketers with the platform needed to put audiences before algorithms, authenticity ahead of automation and amplification at the heart of an integrated sales and marketing strategy.”

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