Channel99 Debuts Verification Pixel To Create More Campaign Transparency

Published: September 25, 2023

Channel99, a B2B performance marketing technology provider, revealed a new solution that features a verification pixel created to help marketers understand how their programs are reaching, engaging and converting the accounts in their target markets. The pixel seeks to provide B2B marketers with a closed-loop view-through technology that can be applied to advertising, social, video, email, CTV and other channels.

By tracking the digital engagement of accounts both on and off the website with a 360-degree view of buyer engagement, Channel99 monitors “view-through” to reveal the patterns that lead to deals and bring more transparency across marketing channels. The pixel is also privacy-friendly and free of cookies or other personal tracking mechanisms.

“It’s incredibly frustrating for advertisers, marketers and agencies to invest so much time and money into a multitude of programs yet have so little proof to show that it is working,” said Chris Golec, Founder & CEO of Channel99, in a statement. “Our new pixel technology was built for B2B and will finally bring the transparency, uniform KPIs and attribution the industry needs.”

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