ClearStory Data Offers Holistic Insight With B2B StoryBoards

Published: March 14, 2016

ClearStory Data placeitClearStory Data, a data intelligence company, has unveiled B2B StoryBoards, a solution the company said is designed to provide consistent reporting and insight to normally disparate networks of users, external partners, stakeholders and clients.

The company said the idea behind B2B StoryBoards is to prevent holdups in business decisions across company ecosystems. The real-time visibility across business operations it provides can be updated in real-time without the need to work with IT.

The solution also offers users the ability to view, share and explore data details. ClearStory is designed to maintain information to keep track of which data was seen by whom.

Additional capabilities include:

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  • Global StoryBoard Filters, which position users to refine aggregated insights based on data criteria that’s most relevant to the group of users consuming the information;
  • Context-based Notifications, designed to give stakeholders in dispersed business networks central access to data and information; and
  • Observation Forking, a feature which positions users to create new StoryBoard paths — called “forks” — for collaboration within different subgroups, while staying connected to the main StoryBoard for context.

“Uncoordinated planning, siloed operations and inefficient communications and reporting often get in the way of overall execution,” said Ali Tore, Chief Product Officer of ClearStory Data, in a statement. “ClearStory addresses this challenge head on. [Enterprises] have a big opportunity to boost sales and profits by gaining real-time insights and arming their entire ecosystem of partners, clients and field workers receive with up-to-date information fast so they can immediately act on it to benefit the business.”

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