Conversica Releases New Humanlike AI Capabilities

Published: October 27, 2022

Conversica, Inc.,a provider of conversational AI solutions, unveiled Conversica Chat and Conversica Answers, two human-like AI advancements designed to enable the company’s Revenue Digital Assistants (RDAs) to engage every lead, prospect and customer in unscripted conversations with AI-generated web chat, SMS and email.

Unlike scripted bots, Conversica’s AI-powered RDAs aim to leverage the most advanced, largest language models available to quickly interpret open-ended questions and generate responses just like a human would. These new advancements include:

  • Conversica Chat, which is powered by an advanced natural language processing (NLP) solution that engages web visitors through dynamically generated dialogue;
  • Conversica Answers, which enables RDAs to learn customers’ businesses FAQ automatically so they can autonomously and authentically answer questions during any point in the customer journey; and
  • Conversica Premium Skills, which empower RDAs with the knowledge to act like human members of the team.

“As the economy continues to change, the old growth model — working one customer at a time — no longer works,” said Jim Kaskade, CEO of Conversica, in a statement. “Businesses simply can’t staff to the level needed for 1:1 conversations with every prospect, lead and existing customer. And today’s buyers are too savvy to be moved by the many one-way message blasts or worse, scripted bots, that are painfully programmed to route frustrated customers to an already overwhelmed human.”

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