Demandbase Expands Predictive Analytics Capabilities For ABX Cloud

Published: June 23, 2021

Demandbase, an end-to-end ABM software provider, enhanced the predictive analytics capabilities of its Demandbase One ABX Cloud through a series of new features, including new scoring models, customizable dashboards, field management settings and content management tools.

The most noteworthy feature is Multiple Predictive Models, available in the Engagement platform. The tool empowers users to score their accounts according to fit and interest within different business segments. It aims to give users more control over the data that trains the model to improve accuracy and inform engagement strategies.

Additional capabilities of the Multiple Predictive Models include:

  • Pipeline Predict models that help users build target account lists with product-specific messaging; and
  • A Qualification Score feature that analyzes the user’s list of aspirational accounts from new market segments to create an ideal customer profile.

“One of the biggest issues with other predictive models today is that they either take in too many signals across too many products and activity types, which makes the end result far too generalized, or they require significant professional services to customize, which takes too much time,” said Jon Miller, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Demandbase, in a statement. “Our Multiple Predictive Models completely upends this, improving the actionability of predictive scores and eliminating confusion. With every release, like this one, we’re helping customers fine-tune their account-based experience (ABX) with relevance and insights at every stage of the journey.”

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The ABX Cloud was also updated with new data management features, including:

  • Role-Based Dashboards that highlight relevant data and insights for specific teams, with the option for admins to make customized dashboards;
  • A Sales Insight Dashboard, delivered within Salesforce, which visualizes insights related to the current health of any given market or territory;
  • Top Intent Keywords Added to Snapshot Emails, which identify the top intent behaviors across a user’s account list to supply sellers with territory-related information; and
  • New controls in the Field Managementsettings to help users activate and manage field data from specific sources and/or combined representations in Demandbase One.

This improved suite of buyer intelligence offerings follows Demandbase’s integration of Bombora intent data and its acquisition of InsideView and DemandMatrix to leverage the companies’ technologies and datasets to improve existing offerings.

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