DialogTech Launches Conversation Insight 2.0 For Analyzing Phone Conversations

Published: September 21, 2016

DialogTech, a call attribution solution provider, launched Conversation Insight 2.0, a tool which the company states can transcribe audio to provide deeper insight into prospective buyers’ needs for B2B marketing and sales teams.

Powered by the Nuance Transcription Engine — a solution Nuance Communications launched in May 2016 — Conversation Insight 2.0 records, transcribes and analyzes marketing-driven calls, according to DialogTech. This positions marketers to analyze phone conversations from any call centers, remote agents, business locations or franchises that were initiated by the marketing team.

The tool provides marketers with important and previously unavailable insights into the quality of the phone leads they generate from marketing channels, such as words customers use that can help improve SEM and SEO keyword research.

The company added that the tool enables businesses with centralized marketing teams to monitor and analyze calls made to their distributed salesforce. This positions them to use the data gathered from first touch to sales conversation in order to improve revenue growth and customer satisfaction. 

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“Calls are a critical touch point along a journey from prospect to customer, but also one of the most difficult for marketers to measure and analyze, especially for calls that don’t go to a call center,” said Irv Shapiro, CEO of DialogTech, in a statement. “So providing our customers the ability to explore detailed, accurate analytics on those conversations is eye-opening.”

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