Drift Introduces New Solutions For Sales Enablement

Published: May 25, 2021

Drift, a conversational marketing platform, released two new tools to help organizations create more qualified sales pipeline – Fastlane and Sales Seat.

Fastlane is designed to connect a company’s high-profile buyers with sales reps in real-time, converting completed forms’ content and scoring buyers to ensure they are connected with sales instantly or are able to book a meeting before leaving an organization’s website. The solution aims to help sellers focus on converting buyers with intent while routing lower priority leads to nurture campaigns or other automated activations.

Sales Seat works to collect intent signals from multiple touchpoints from an organization’s website, marketing automation systems, sales engagement platforms and CRM activity, and provides real-time alerts when a prospect is active on a company’s website. The solution seeks to help sales reps act on intent signals through chat, email and/or video to deliver personalized messages.

“Sales success is all about engaging today’s buyers on their terms: Digitally and immediately when they express interest,” said Leo Teneblat, Chief Product Officer at Drift, in a statement. “With Fastlane and Sales Seat, Drift customers can ensure their best buyers and highest intent visitors receive express treatment without overloading the sales team. Not only that, but sellers have context to engage buyers with a personalized experience on the exact topics they care about in the moment they’re expressing interest.”

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