Eloqua Taps Advice From Industry “Deans & Professors” In “Real World Marketing Syllabus”

Published: September 27, 2011

Featuring new articles from Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media, Todd Defren of SHIFTCommunications and Geeta Sachdev of SolarWinds, this guide mimics an actual syllabus and breaks down topics over a 9-week period. Topical highlights include:

  • Personal and corporate branding in a social world;
  • The content marketing revolution;
  • Generating and managing leads; and
  • Startup marketing.

The Syllabus features different halls for each topic, which assembles lessons from a variety of marketing experts and thought leaders. Designed to replace the dated textbooks and MBA classes, the Syllabus is a new curriculum for the “modern marketer.” The “weekly” content breaks down several key terms and resources of value, including white papers, videos and slideshare presentations.

“In marketing, there’s what you learn in school and then there’s cold, hard reality,” said Brian Kardon, CMO of Eloqua and a contributor to the syllabus. “…It’s hard to find a profession that has changed more than marketing. A rapidly changing technological landscape and shifting consumer behavior have eviscerated the marketer’s comfortable command-and- control world of branding, advertising and the 4Ps.”

Visit Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue blog to download a complimentary copy of The Real World Market Syllabus.

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