HG Data Announces Rebrand, Releases HG Insights Platform

Published: March 11, 2019

HG Data, a technology intelligence provider, rebranded as HG Insights and launched a new HG Insights Platform designed to deliver technographic information to help marketers optimize their strategies and identify opportunities for revenue growth.

The company said the new name is designed to reflect its position as fueling marketing and sales growth via technology intelligence. The rebrand was accompanied by a new logo and refreshed website.

The HG Insights platform is positioned to provide a holistic view into global industries, markets and companies. It also aims to help marketers accelerate revenue growth by generating optimized territory plans, defining the total addressable market and identifying the ideal customer profile.

“We’ve always been an inventive company that finds new ways to help customers stay a step ahead,” said Elizabeth Cholawsky, HG Insights CEO, in a statement. “After seeing so many customers use our technology intelligence to make important strategic decisions, we knew it was time to define our company around the unique insights we deliver. Our new HG Insights Platform gives us an incredible opportunity to showcase our depth and expertise to new audiences with a fresh new image.”

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