InsideView Launches Apex For AI-Driven Marketing Analysis

Published: April 24, 2018

InsideView, a sales and marketing intelligence software, has launched InsideView Apex, a go-to-market decision engine that aims to turn the timely, manual process of market analysis into an automatic, daily routine.

InsideView Apex is designed to connect data from a user’s CRM system with third-party data. It is positioned to then define the target addressable market (TAM) and ideal customer profile (ICP). InsideView Apex also applies machine learning to this information in order to find new market opportunities and accounts that align with the user’s ICP.

Additional features allow users to:

  • Generate a “what if” analysis for new accounts and segments;
  • Develop a prioritized accounts list for marketing and sales;
  • Align sales and marketing, and recommend strategies for optimization; and
  • Visualize campaign performance at each stage of the funnel and across different target accounts.

“Every B2B company has to think about whether they have the right go-to-market strategy and if they are making investments in a way that’s productive and effective,” said Umberto Milletti, InsideView CEO, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “While companies have been trying to do this type of analysis for years, it’s been very time consuming without the technology supporting it. What I’m seeing that has been game changing about Apex is that it’s taking something that was an annual process and turning it into a daily process.”

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