Integrate Launches Data Guardian To Help Ensure High-Quality, Complaint Leads

Published: October 17, 2023

Integrate, a precision demand marketing company, released Data Guardian, a data protection offering designed to help ensure marketing leads are high quality and compliant in the highly regulated data landscape.

Data Guardian combines AI-powered trust scoring and auditing to help protect against privacy violations, improve visibility into media partner performance and optimize spend. Data Guardian’s algorithms are programmed to analyze lead data and assess lead quality and credibility, all of which undergo rigorous compliance audits to ensure adherence to emerging privacy regulations. Specifically, the offering features:

  • Direct Media Partner Lead Audit to promote content syndication lead compliance;
  • Direct Media Partner Trust and Reliability Scores that benchmark performance standards; and
  • Data Subject Lead Verify to certify that leads are 100% marketable. 

“Data privacy isn’t just a compliance checkbox; it’s the cornerstone of trust in our digital age,” said Jeremy Bloom, Co-founder and CEO of Integrate, in a statement. “Data Guardian provides an extra layer of data protection to safeguard your customer’s information, your brand integrity and long-term success.

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