Invoca Releases ‘No-Code’ Integration Library With Slack, Google & Meta Conversions API

Published: March 9, 2022

Invoca, a conversation intelligence platform for revenue teams, launched its no-code integrations library to help enterprises and multi-location businesses activate conversation intelligence data in their digital marketing and sales platforms.

The library, which was revealed in October 2021, includes no-code versions of existing Invoca integrations, such as Google Analytics Universal, Microsoft Advertising, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Snap Ads and Tealium. The new no-code integrations include:

  • Google Analytics 4, which helps uncover the online actions that drive phone call conversions and uses Invoca data on call intent and outcomes to improve the performance of Google’s Predictive Audiences;
  • Meta Conversions API, which attributes call conversions to Meta ads and uses Invoca’s first-party data on callers to improve Meta match rates and audience targeting; and
  • Slack, which automatically triggers alerts to key stakeholders that include the call-back phone number and a link to Invoca data on the call when a high-value call goes unanswered.

“Conversations between consumers and businesses are an invaluable source of first-party data for improving marketing and sales results,” said Nathan Ziv, SVP, Product Management at Invoca, in a statement. “Invoca is the leader in conversation intelligence because our platform not only captures the most actionable insights from conversations but also integrates that data in real-time into the digital marketing and sales platforms that businesses rely on to drive growth. With the release of our no-code integration library, those integrations can be configured and managed quickly with a few clicks in our new intuitive user interface.”

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