Ipsos MMA Launches Multi-Touch Attribution Tool For Marketing Planners

Published: October 9, 2019

Marketing Management Analytics (Ipsos MMA), a marketing analytics consulting firm, has released a 2.0 version of its Activate Unified Marketing Planning Platform in collaboration with leading advisors. The update aims to enable marketing and financial planners to generate measurable sales and profits via multi-touch attribution.

Designed to help planners validate predictions and results, the unified analytics platform touches on varying business drivers, including traditional marketing, digital and social media and long-term impacts. The multi-touch attribution tool also aims to provide planners with an omnichannel view of how marketing touchpoints drive sales.

Other features include:

  • Broad media personalization and paid media optimization at the message, channel, placement, ad format, timing and customer segment level;
  • The ability to target personalized messages across customers, products and markets; and
  • Panel-based data, which helps brands measure valuation and social engagement.

“In too many cases, companies apply canned approaches and ‘black box’ software that only measure the impact of paid, owned and social media in a silo,” said Patrick Cummings, CEO of Ipsos MMA, in a statement. “This leads to the impact of digital and addressable channels being often grossly over-stated. Our approach evaluates digital, social and personalized media within the context of all the potential drivers, inclusive of synergies, attribution impact and halo effects. As a result, the outputs are considerably more accurate and predictive.”

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