Is Your Content Killer? It’s Your Last Chance To Submit For the 2020 Killer Content Awards

Published: October 28, 2019

Nominations for the 2020 Killer Content Awards close this Friday, November 1, so now’s the time to spotlight your company’s most creative campaigns and its top-performing content assets. Winners will be celebrated at an exclusive reception during the B2B Marketing Exchange, to be held Feb. 24-26, 2020 in Scottsdale, Ariz. A select number of companies will also participate in panel discussions across the event program, which features tactical trackfocused on content strategy, demand generation, account-based marketing and sales. 

Since its inception in 2012, the Killer Content Awards has spotlighted some of the most innovative brands in content marketing: from Glassdoor to LinkedIn, Sigstr, SAP and so much more. This year, the program has 19 categories in order to represent new trends and delivery channels. They include: 

  1. Measurable ROI
    A piece of content or broader campaign that has made a measurable impact on bottom-line results.
  2. Multi-Touch Campaign
    Innovative approaches to multichannel or omnichannel campaign design that leverage compelling content that resonates with buyers on a deeper level and spurs action.
  3. Nurture Campaign
    Nurture campaigns and associated content that deliver stellar results in terms of leads generated, opportunities created and deals closed.
  4. Customer Lifecycle Marketing
    Campaigns that extend beyond the traditional “buyer’s journey,” and include content designed to drive ongoing engagement, customer retention, and loyalty.
  5. Account-Based Marketing Campaign
    Content and campaign experiences tailored to key accounts and segments.
  6. Buyer-Focused Content
    Examples of impactful and memorable buyer-focused content and/or stories of how brands have successfully transitioned from product-focused content to a buyer-focused strategy.
  7. Sales Enablement Content
    Powerful and creative approaches to content and campaigns used to inform and empower internal sales teams. Stellar results a plus.
  8. Channel Partner Marketing
    Brands that have created content designed to go to and through partners in order to generate greater revenue through the channel.
  9. Research-Based Content
    Content or campaigns crafted based on proprietary or third-party research.
  10. Short-Form Content
    A creative and compelling approach to any short-form asset, such as an infographic, video, quiz and checklist, among others.
  11. Interactive Content
    Creative and successful approaches to interactive content formats, such as quizzes, assessments, reportsand more.
  12. Influencer Campaign
    Short- and long-term initiatives that have successfully leveraged industry thought leaders and experts to generate brand awareness and word-of-mouth.
  13. Video Content
    Standalone videos and/or a video series that tells a compelling story from the brand or buyer’s perspective. Successfully drives awareness for a brand or specific product.
  14. Social Amplification
    Brands that have taken innovative approaches to content promotion via social channels and/or have created unique content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.
  15. Design Concept/Theme
    A piece of content or broader campaign that tacks on to a current event/trend or leverages a creative visual approach or theme to capture buyer attention.
  16. Packaged/Bundled Content
    Content that is packaged together or curated to create an immersive  and even personalized  content experience.
  17. Agency Partnership
    Successful content and campaigns created in partnership with an agency. For this category, both the agency and brand will be recognized for their ability to collaborate and innovate.
  18. Publisher Partnership
    Successful content and derivative resources created in partnership with a third-party publisher or publication.
  19. Cause Marketing
    A marketing campaign or initiative designed to raise awareness for a specific cause, and/or raises funds for a charity or foundation.

Submit your nominations now to give your brand, and your team, the praise they deserve! 

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