Jotform Announces New Partnership & Widget Integrations With Loom

Published: June 29, 2022

Jotform, an online forms SaaS solution, partnered up with Loom, a video messaging and collaboration tool, to streamline asynchronous communication and provide visual information for teams. Two new widgets, Loom Video Embed and Loom Video Recorder were designed to enhance visual communication and create a more personal feel to the platform.

Loom Video Embed allows teams to embed a video into a form for respondents to watch, and Loom Video Recorder enables form respondents to record a video while filling out a form. Both widgets can be used together or separately. For example, form creators can use Loom Video Embed to add recorded product demos, internal training sessions or explanatory videos to a form, while Loom Video Recorder allows users the function to submit customer feedback, quiz answers, interview responses and more.

“This new partnership with Jotform is a key step in achieving our vision of empowering effective communication wherever work happens,” said Justin Reidy, Director of Product Management at Loom, in a statement. “This collaboration combines the nuance and flexibility of asynchronous video with Jotform’s powerful form-filling process. It enables far easier and more scalable collection of visual feedback.”

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